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Elexis Ansley

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1001 NE 125th Street
North Miami FL 33161


Elexis Ansley, Miami most talented

Sultry and dynamic singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and entertainer Elexis Ansley unleashes captivating, emotional music that tells tales about her personal experiences, transporting listeners to expansive worlds. Her dynamic work sparkles and overflows with infectious vocal melodies and harmonies, a vivid spectrum of instrumental sounds and exhilarating rhythms. Elexis’ thoughtful lyrics illuminate inspirational themes like love, heartbreak, loss, hope, self-discovery and the rejuvenating power of human connection and spirituality. Often playing flute and other instruments during her live performances, her acrobatic voice and gravity on stage invite audiences into her irresistible orbit and show her profound connection to her artistry and her message.

Elexis’ upcoming EP is a collection of songs that explore love’s many dimensions. A showcase of the versatility of her voice and writing ability, it will feature a fusion of genres and styles, including blues, electronic, pop, acoustic and reggae dancehall. She released her EDM single, “Weekend Lover” in April of 2017, which was produced by Daneon and Eero Turunen in Miami, FL.

Raised in Columbia, Maryland, Elexis discovered her talent for singing at the age of 3 and later found inspiration in musical theater and the songs of powerhouse vocalists like Christina Aguilera, Etta James and Aretha Franklin. Captivated by music’s many colors and tones, she was pulled to the lush soprano timbre of the flute and at age 9 began to learn the intricacies of the instrument and how to use it to express her complex emotions. As she evolved as a singer and instrumentalist, she simultaneously found her footing as a songwriter, studying the extraordinary repertoire and range of classical composers like Claude Debussy, Peter Tchaikovsky and Thomas Newman as well as Marvin Gaye, Tom Waits and contemporary artists like Amy Winehouse and Adele.
A classically-trained musician now rooted in Miami, Elexis’ multifaceted artistic path has been blazed by her unfaltering work ethic, passion for expanding her musical horizons and a mindful connection to creating art that is true to her soul.

She studied music at Florida State University and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Florida International University with flute as her principal instrument. In addition to her thriving solo career, she is an in-demand front woman. Elexis has sung with bands including Stark Naked, The Ruby Baker Band, The Final Countdown Band and Miami Blues Band and is considered one of the top Marilyn Monroe impersonators in South Florida. Her acting credits include a leading role in the short film, Blood Debt. She is also well versed in recording, producing and sound engineering and acts as co-producer on her own tracks.

A passionate advocate for positive female body image, Elexis is in the process of filming a documentary about her experience losing over 100 pounds where she hopes to inspire others to realize that anything is possible. In addition to singing, acting, and performing, Elexis is also a weight loss and life coach and is passionate about helping others establish a positive body image and a healthy relationship with self. As she continues to build her songs and her life around a strong spiritual center, she is pursuing her doctorate in Philosophy specializing in Hollisitic Life Coaching. Rev. Elexis Ansley is also an ordained minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry.

Elexis’ latest EP, out this summer, will feature songs of many colors in a broad spectrum of styles and genres, including blues, reggae dancehall, acoustic and pop. It was produced by DJ Malakai and recorded at Miami’s The Hit Factory Criteria, the legendary studio behind award-winning hits by James Brown, The Eagles, Michael Jackson and more. Elexis recently became engaged to Michael Jackson’s long-time friend and confidant Dr. AJ Farshchian, who is also the executive producer on the album. Elexis channels Michael’s joyful spirit and shares his goal of healing the world through her own work. She hopes to continue to bring people together through their shared love of music and the arts. Elexis Ansley is currently preparing for a series of live shows to support her upcoming music releases and finishing up work on her debut album, that is scheduled to be released winter 2018.